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I am going to participate in our country's idea-prototype-product event for ideasmiths and developers and wanted some feedback from different people and opinions around the world.

I have thought on 3 base ideas to present and develop a prototype of in the 3 day event (yes, I am a developer aswell)

--Mobile Blood Location System
A digital system to find blood banks and individual blood donors who self-register to the system. Further more, the app would provide location of the bloodbanks on google maps so anyone can reach it easily
Also, there are many kind people who donate blood and for those people, they can register with app and if anyone wants blood which is not available via blood bank for some reason, he can send a request to those individual blood donors via the app itself (initially contact details hidden), for which user will get inapp notification (sms aswell) to accept the request, doing which will make the contact info available to the requestee to contact him. Furthermore, each app installation will have a live geolocation tracker to help meet the donor and the needer easily at any location

--Doctor Relationship Management System
Similar to a CRM, it will have option for a Doctor to schedule appointments with patients, if the patient is registered to system and using the app, he will also see the appointment in his app install.
Appointments can be scheduled or cancelled from both sides, after the other party agrees to it, via app Request-Approve system.
App will have feedback system to leave feedback for doctors and hospitals after appointments or possible discharge.
App will provide a live geolocation tracker to other app users (doc or patients) you opt to share it with. This way for people in hospital waiting for doctor, a nurse or receptionist or other doctor can look at his app-map and answer how long it will take for doctor to arrive and where he is.
This system is basically scalable for a limitless features.

Possibly need to understand the current appointment system and procedures in hospital better for this.

--Doctor-Patient Live Appointment (meeting) system
Basically, its the same as meeting a doctor with a appointment except you can now do it from home or any city. This will give doctors and patients a more flexible opportunity to better communicate. 
It will use live P2P video conference.
For example you know a doctor who you trust more but is in other city. Using this system, you can end the distance barrier or if you are at work and feeling unwell, pick a e-appointment with the doctor using the app, the doctor can accept your suggested date/time (be it nstant, in xx mins, xx hours or days) or counter-schedule the appointment.

At appointment time, both parties can connect to each other via the P2P voice and video conference/message system of app.

Furthermore, the app can incorporate transactions as well so that the doctor can charge the client for appointments or consultation or any of his services directly via the app for which the user can pay via the app using CC/DC/Netbanking.


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Otaku, Innovator, Webmaster, Webdeveloper, Programmer, Gamer
Yep, I do a lot of roles and various non-professional professions
I am always sitting on my PC most of my time each day, either playing Dota (for now), watching anime or working on one of my projects.

I code and program and do webIT related projects as a hobby and to innovate niches.

4 years ago I created a anime fan-encoding group called AnimeOut ( which is now one of the most popular and biggest sites for encoded animes in the world and home to many people from asia who want to grab english subbed anime encoded to small size.

I kinda suck at socializing and am a bit reserved, a typical nerd :3


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